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Conpulsion Newsletter

Well i hope you all had a very good xmas and new year

Conpulsion 2009 is well underway and its about time we shared!!!!
11 Weeks to go !
facebook - Conpulsion
Tickets - £10 day, £15 weekend, £10 t-shirt

James Wallis (DragonWarriors!!!), Loren Wiseman, Gregor Hutton, Jon Hodgson, Andy Hepworth
The Avengers!!!
check most of
them out on the website....

Mailing list
join ours, here...
for special discounts on tickets!!!

Change to the advertised schedule
Friday - 27 March, Pub Quiz in the Terrace Bar
yes you did read that correctly, this year the Teviot has let us book the Terrace and the Mezz on the Friday night!!!!!

Saturday - 28 March, Doors open at 9
First slot 10 - 1
Lunch 1 - 3
Second slot 3 - 6/7
Food served in the mezz 12:30 - 2:30
Food served in the Library 5:30 - Last orders taken at 8

Sunday - 29 March, rinse repeat
Food served in the Library Bar 12:30 - last orders taken at 6
Closing ceremony 6:00
Last orders at library bar, 7
further drinking, somewhere else i'm sure

Other Events
Guest Seminars 2 - 3, both days
Charity Auction - saturday night (as if we'd miss it)
Nervenkrig - saturday night

we can't stress enough that RPG's make up the core of what makes Conpulsion an awesome con.
In January we put a form up on the website, so GM's can give their game details on-line.
Contact Sandy Ryalls our RPG co-ordinator for more details.

Like the idea of conpulsion, but don't think you can afford it
well we need people to put up posters, help set up, and pack up
in exchange we give you a free pass for the day
the more you help, the more goodies we give you!

More next month........
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Conpulsion 2009 planning meet

Good day our fellow adventurers

It is the time of year where we start planning for Conpulsion.

Conpulsion will be on March 28/29 2009 (previously advertised as the 21/22).

This time round we're trying a slightly different way of doing it, so this is an invitation to a planning meeting for conpulsion (for everyone who isn't a RPG'er) on Nov 21 from 6 – 8, upstairs at the meadow bar. If you would like to run an event at the con then we are inviting you along to tell us your ideas. If you're getting this e-mail its because we think you might have suggestions for an event, you might run a club or a gaming group or you might have volunteered yourself. Feel free to spread the word about the meeting to anyone else who would like to run something that isn't a roleplaying game. Don't worry though GM's! The RPG schedule will start to be arranged after Christmas so you'll have plenty of time to put together your games.

We are hoping to achieve a couple of things
firstly creating a bit a community spirit for the event, give you a chance to meet up and know each others faces if you don't already and all get enthused together. secondly to give us a feel for who can do things and give you guys the chance to suggest things to us at an early enough stage to do something about it.
thirdly suggestions for anyone or anything we may have missed.


Jo - conpulsion co-ordinator

Lucy - conpulsion 'as yet undecided job title'
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(no subject)

I have a programme
and its very shiny
boxninja, being his usual self of awesome
I am off to go and get it printed out!!!!

I will also post here about stuff thats actually, you know, on at the con
in the next few days
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Tickets to both days came through in the post today. Thanks.

That was only a few days after I sent in the cheque. For some reason the whole 'cheque' thing made me think twice - so I guess I'm really posting here to reassure everyone else that old skool payments still work! :)

P.S. The note I attached with the cheque noted I wanted:I've got the tickets and the letter said where I can pick the t-shirt up from. Will the catgirl also be waiting for me? :)
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(no subject)

Conpulsion 2008 - March 22/23, Teviot

We really want you to GM this Conpulsion. So many really good games were written for the Student Nationals, we specially put in a 4 hour time slot in the afternoon so you can run them again.

Contrary to earlier information, GM's get for running:
1 session - 1 day pass (either day), £5 for the second day & right to buy limited edition GM t-shirt at cost (£7.50).
2 sessions - weekend pass and the right to buy limited edition GM t-shirt at cost (£7.50)
3 sessions - weekend pass and free t-shirt

So contact and let us know when and what you want to run.

Don't want to run a game?
You can still come along and run around for us (we'll make sure you get some game time)
We need people to be part of CrewConpulsion - the blue shirts.
Especially on Saturday morning to get the traders set up and everyone in the front door.
CrewConpulsion and you get,
1 day - 1 day pass (that day) and your staff t-shirt at cost, if you really want it (about £5).
2 days - weekend pass and your staff t-shirt.

Contact us at or come talk to me, I hang around GEAS on sunday night, I'm in the blue zip sweat top with the griffin on the back.